About Beli

Beli - Pascale Delévaux
Beli is a visual artist
based in Brussels, Belgium. 
Swiss born, from Lausanne.
Describing her photographic style as " photographic painting ", she creates and combines her work on abstraction, color and minimalism.
She sees photography as a tool to reveal the beauty of the world and the fragility of the moment by playing with light and colors in a very emotional way, like a representation of a sound poetry.
From her colorful, solar and vibrant artistic world, Beli creates a contemporary photography that explores the boundaries between the perceptions of realities merging with dreams.​​​​​​​
Her work was nominated 
for Louis Schmidt Prize in Brussels in 2016, for the 10th Visual Arts Competition in Divonne-les-Bains in France in 2004 and at the International Color Photography Awards in Los Angeles in 2015, 2016, 2017.
Education: MA with high honors from 
ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
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